NoteMaker for Windows 10


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NoteMaker is a professional software for editing video files. Using the application, we can add various annotations to any of the video recorded in AVI, WMV, MPEG, FLV or SWF. In addition, you can add short notes, texts, and sounds, and his own narrative. With this application you can add many predefined objects and other graphical elements, as well as record your own narration with a special, built-in Audio Recorder tool. The program has also FM Screen Capture Codec to create video demonstration and instructions. NoteMaker can add any kind of video annotations in the form of clouds, arrows, lines, drawings or sketches. Their main purpose is to explain the scene and comment on selected excerpts appearing in the video.'ll Find it also built a modified mode for viewing video and additional tools to copy, cut, paste, undo the various operations performed, as well as an option for the proper regulation volume.